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 Himalayan SQL Server User Group is a team of Professionals in Microsoft SQL Servers working together with an objective to become a solution provider in SQL Server through forums and SQL Chapter members. Our goal is to produce more skilled and trained manpower in SQL Server, produce and promote MVP, launch social campaigns to create awareness of Microsoft related product and provide solution for software related problems to each individual and corporate according to their needs.We are a non-profit trading group working to help the community through the expertise of its members. About the presentationAdministering SQL Server on LinuxAbstract: Microsoft's launch of SQL Server on Linux has made SQL Server a truly versatile platform across different operating systems and data-types, both on premise and on-cloud. This session is your handy guide to setting up and implementing your SQL Server solution on the open source Linux platform. You will start by understanding how SQL Server can be installed on supported and unsupported Linux distributions. Then you will brush up your SQL Server skills by creating and querying database objects and implementing basic administration tasks to support business continuity, including security and performance optimization. This book will also take you beyond the basics and highlight some advanced topics such as in-memory OLTP and temporal tables. By the end of this book, you will be able to recognize and utilize the full potential of setting up an efficient SQL Server database solution in your Linux environment. What's new in SQL Server 2017Abstract: SQL Server 2017 has great new additions and features for everybody. If you are a developer, you want to learn about new Graph tables, new M.O.T enhancements, and new functions. If you are a BI developer, you want to learn about how to run R and Python in SQL Server. If you are a DBA, you might want to learn about new features like Resumable Online Indexes, Automatic Query Optimization and how to monitor R and Python scripts. This session will have overall information about new features of SQL Server 2017. Presenter: Shree Prasad Khanal:Shree Khanal Shree Khanal is a Database Architect, Speaker and Trainer having 12+ years of professional experience on database solution development and optimization. Mr. Khanal is a Data Platform MVP & Microsoft Certified Database Professional since 2000 to till date. Starting with SQL Server 7, he has been working with all the version of SQL Server up to 2016 in production environment. In context of OLAP cube development, he started working on it from SQL Server 2000 to latest SSAS 2016. He has worked number of years providing SQL BI solutions to various enterprise clients most of them from BI sector. He founded and has been leading the Himalayan SQL Server User Group ( based in Kathmandu, Nepal since 2010.Sponsors (Swag and Books): The event was sponsored by Mercantile, ApexSQL, Redgate, Devart, Packt Books, Wrox Book and Microsoft Press Store supported us with door prizes for the event.\n\nProgram Details: Date:      31st March, 2018Time:     2:00 P.MVenue: Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd (Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal)Register: Or mail to SUMMARY:PASS Nepal Chapter Monthly Event 31 March 2021 PRIORITY:3 BEGIN:vAlarm TRIGGER:P0DT0H15M ACTION:DISPLAY DESCRIPTION:Reminder END:vAlarm END:vEvent END:vCalendar