August 2016

SQLPASS Nepal Aug, 2016 Monthly Meetup

Himalayan SQL Server User Group is a team of Professionals in Microsoft SQL Servers working together with an objective to become a solution provider in SQL Server through forums and SQL Chapter members. Our goal is to produce more skilled and trained manpower in SQL Server, produce and promote MVP, launch social campaigns to create awareness of Microsoft related product and provide solution for software related problems to each individuals and corporate according to their needs.

We are a non-profit trading group working to help the community through the expertise of its members. 

About the presentation

Top 10 things you shouldn’t do with your database

Abstract: There are always bad thinks that could happen with your database. You will be surprised how many of them are happening as a result of our actions or lack of proper attention. If you know them and how they harm your database system it will be easier to not get there. The session shows the worst practices from the field in administering, implementing and developing SQL Server databases and gives recommendations and tips and tricks how to avoid them.

 Presenter: Margarita Naumova Founder SQL Master Academy, CEO Inspirit, Mentor SolidQ

Margarita Naumova is a very well-known Bulgarian SQL Expert. Magi holds the highest possible SQL Server Technical Certification in the field - Microsoft Certified Master, making her one of the best SQL Server Experts Worldwide. She has more than 15 years of SQL Server and BI technologies consulting and training experience gained in Bulgaria and abroad and is a trusted advisor for major Bulgarian customers in the SQL Server Platform Area.

Margarita is a leader and founder of Bulgarian SQL & BI User Group "Let's SQL Together" and is a regular presenter of the largest IT events in Bulgaria. She has been awarded as a Top Presenter of Microsoft Days 2010 Conference and as a Microsoft SQL Server MVP.

Currently she works as a Managing Partner and Chief SQL Architect of Inspirit - her own newly established consulting company. She is a founder and author of SQL Master Academy Training Program. Profile links: ;

Top Features of SQL 2012 Nobody Told You About 

Abstract: This isn't the same old AlwaysOn demo that everyone else is doing. This is the stuff that almost nobody is talking about, but they are very important features that will save you time, frustration, and even money. These are the top features of SQL Server 2012 that you may not even be aware of. Come learn about these really cool features and see them in action.

Presenter: Robert L Davis

Robert is a Sr. Product Consultant and Chief SQL Server Evangelist for Idera Software. Previously, he was the Program Manager for the SQL Server Certified Master Program in Microsoft Learning. He was also a Sr. Production DBA at Microsoft with more than 12 years’ experience with SQL Server -- author of Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring -- writer for SQL Server Magazine -- Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008 -- Speaker/trainer.

"Why are We Waiting...” Session on Wait statistics

Abstract: An in-depth session examining "Waits" happening in your SQL Servers, using the well-known "Waits & Queues" methodology. With particular focus in the session on understanding and interpreting the information found the (DMV) sys.dm_os_wait_stats, Taking note of which “Waits “with the highest counts or excessive wait times, as well as those which “Waits” can be safely ignored, We can discover those "performance hurdles" and ways to overcome or remove them, restoring your SQL Servers performance levels. By using established methodologies like “Waits & Queues”, we can systematically identify and remove performance hurdles; to do this we must have a way to interpret this wait information, the session will incorporate demos based on real-world examples to illustrate how to find those "Waits" that cause the degrading of performance levels in your SQL Servers Can you afford not to know this information?

Presenter: Neil Hambly Database Architect, MDSL

Neil Hambly is a SQL veteran of more than 13 years, with expertise in SQL Server from Version 6.5 to the latest 2012 editions. He's held database roles at major organizations, including the BBC, ABN AMRO, Accenture, as well as at a number of smaller companies. Currently serving as a Database Architect at MDSL, with prior roles as both a DBA and developer. An active speaker and leader of the London Area SQL Server User Group (UK), Neil can frequently be seen at UK and international events. Can also find him sharing online via his blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When not presenting or organizing UG events, Often found hitting the books and keyboard as he studies for the SQL Server 2008 MCM certification.

Increasing Business and IT collaboration with SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 provides the ability to deliver solutions for BI users with all experience levels. See the ease of collaboration of business intelligence reporting between business users and IT departments and demonstrate a real world use case as used by a Coeo customer to present a business case for using SQL Server 2012 within your business.

 Presenter: Chris Testa-O’Neill

Chris Testa-O’Neill is a Senior Consultant with Coeo, MVP, author, speaker and trainer. Chris has worked with SQL Server for more than 10 years and specialises in business intelligence.
Program Details

Date: 27th Aug, 2016

Time: 1:30 P.M

Venue: Citizens Bank International Limited, Sharda Sadan Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Citizens Bank International Limited, Sharda Sadan Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Event start: 8/27/2016 1:30:26 PM


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